Hi ! This is the version of the Louisa coat that I made for my two and a half years old daughter. This coat is very special to me because some months ago, as I did not find the perfect coat pattern I was looking for, I drew (but I’m a very poor drawer!) what the perfect one should be. And I don’t know if the Louisa dress was unconsciously in my mind but the fact is that I drew the exact front of the Louisa coat ! I let you imagine my face when Marte first presented her pattern some weeks later ! 😆

So I did not change anything to the original pattern as the Louisa coat was really the one of my dreams ! I cut a three years old coat which is my daughter’s usual size. I used a second-hand blue woolen fabric as a main fabric and some kind of fleece-lined jersey for the inside. I loved this fabric that I had already used for a jacket last spring and I thought that the deep blue flowers would fit perfectly to the main fabric. I’m very happy with this coat that is exactly what I imagined and my daughter is completely delighted when she wears it.
You can see more photos on my blog “La Vieille Dame Qui Pique” (in French !) www.lvdqp.canalblog.com

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