The Louisa Pompom coat

The Louisa coat stole my heart from the first time I saw its design. I was especially thrilled by the curved lines around the pockets, that I wanted to accentuate them as much as possible. The pale blue woolen fabric was therefore contrasted with a neon pink pompom trim. The sewing of the pompom trim wasn’t an easy task, but when I see how it finally turned out it was definitely worth every effort. The back of the coat was intentionally kept very simple to focus the attention on the unique design of the tulip collar.

Although I do like the look of a button platelet at the front, nothing can beat the look on the face of my little girl when she manages to zip her coat all by herself!

For the lining of the coat I decided to follow Marte’s example by combining newly bought fabric with thrifted one. This vintage quilted fabric once belonged to the nice lady sitting next to me in the sewing lessons. Its soft color palet is a perfect match with the pale blue woolen fabric.

And what about Léonie? She was thrilled to discover the huge pockets, perfect for treasure keeping, as well as the kittens and puppies featured on the lining. Nevertheless, she will have to grow just a little more before perfectly fitting into her coat. But no worries, in the meantime she is happily running around in her “honey bunny Louisa coat” (see other contest entry).

And of course a special thank you to my boy, who fits the coat perfectly and was willing to let me take some pictures… for a few seconds ;-). I guess the next thing on my sewing list should be a Lewis coat for him…

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